Watch: BJP’s Varun Gandhi Makes Request As ‘Elder Brother’ To Agnipath Protestors

Varun Gandhi

Varun Gandhi claimed to have communicated with thousands of young armed services aspirants. 

New Delhi:  As violent protests against the new armed services recruitment scheme, Agnipath, erupt in numerous areas, BJP Lok Sabha MP Varun Gandhi today extended his support for the agitating Army aspirants while also urging them to be patient and retain “democratic dignity.” In a plea to the protestors to choose nonviolent tactics of protest instead, he stressed that a soldier always puts the nation’s interest first, and that putting out our requests by causing any harm to public property would be unethical.

While conceding that their worries over the Agnipath programme are legitimate, he advised them to express them to the government while maintaining democratic dignity. He asked them to write a memorandum, use social media, and march peacefully to express their concerns to the Centre. “Every young person has the right to a safe future. There will be justice served, “On Twitter, he stated.

He noted that the government changed the age limit within 24 hours after introducing the programme. “This gives me a lot of faith that the administration will make appropriate adjustments,” he remarked, urging to them once more with folded hands to fight for their rights peacefully and in harmony.

Mr Gandhi claimed to have communicated with thousands of young armed services aspirants who wrote him texts, letters, phone calls, and videos expressing their concerns about the four-year service system.

“I conveyed your grievances to the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh yesterday. I hope that the result will be positive,” he said.

“I know this is a very confusing situation for you but today I have come as an elder brother folding his hands in front of you to request something. Even the most difficult issues can be resolved through dialogue. Idealist and nationalist youth like you are the future of the country that’s why expectations from you are also higher,” he said.

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