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‘NRC across India’ Amit Shah reveals his next step

NRC will be carried out across India it will be again implemented in Assam, no one from any religion should be worried,” said Shah

New Delhi: Senior BJP leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah has told Parliament that the National Register of Citizens (NRC) will be implemented nationwide. On Tuesday Shah informed in the Rajya Sabha that no person, no matter what religion he or she followed, needed to be afraid.

A citizen’s list or National Register for Citizens (NRC) on the lines of the exercise in Assam will be carried out across the country, Home Minister Amit Shah announced in parliament today, asserting that “no one from any religion should be worried about the process”.

Addressing in the Rajya Sabha, Amit Shah said the NRC is “just a process” to get everyone under the citizen’s list.”

NRC will be carried out across India it will be again implemented in Assam, no one from any religion should be worried,” said Shah.

Earlier in Assam, the citizen’s list left out 19 lakh people. Most of these are people who haven’t produced adequate documents to prove their claims, according to officials; the government says they will not be declared illegal immediately.

The Home Minister Amit Shah said people whose names were missing from the NRC can approach tribunals and the Assam government will even provide financial help.

Earlier, Shah had said at a rally in Kolkata that the NRC was a matter of national security and “no country can run smoothly under the weight of so many intruders”.

He even accused West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee of spreading lies about “millions of Hindus” have to leave Bengal, he asserted: “I want to assure Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, and Christian refugees, you will not be forced to leave India by the central government”.

The NRC is aiming to identify illegal immigrants primarily from Bangladesh who entered Assam and settled there after March 25, 1971, and deport them to their native country.

He added “the Assam government will provide financial help to those who don’t have the money to file pleas. Shah said the government would bear the cost of hiring a lawyer”.

“The NRC exercise was monitored by the Supreme court. No religion has been targeted or isolated during the NRC exercise,”. He said that the government will provide asylum to people of all religions.


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