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Prashant Kishor slams boss Nitish Kumar after he reveals that Amit Shah told him to induct Kishor

A few days back, he had challenged the Home Minister Amit Shah to implement CAA and NRC in the same “chronology” that he had “audaciously announced”

New Delhi: Nitish Kumar on Tuesday said that Prashant Kishor was installed into Janta Dal united at BJP leader Amit Shah’s direction, but hours after that Kishor dismissed the allegation and called “a lie”.

Kishor Twitted on Tuesday evening, tagging the Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar in a post saying: “What a fall for you to lie about how and why you made me join JDU!! Poor attempt on your try and make my color the same as yours! And if you are telling the truth, who would trust that you still have the courage not to listen to someone suggested by Home Minister?”

Earlier on Tuesday Kumar sought to de-link himself from the strong stand taken by Prashant Kishor against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC), saying people are free to remain in the JDU or they can leave the party.

When asked about a series of tweets by Kishor taking a harsh position on the two divisive topics, Kumar said, “Anyone is tweeting, let that person tweet. What do I have to do with that? One can stay in the JDU till anybody wants and one can also leave if any person wants.”

Till last month, Kishor has sought to question the government’s position on the CAA, taking on senior BJP leaders, including Amit Shah.

A few days back, he had challenged the Home Minister Amit Shah to implement CAA and NRC in the same “chronology” that he had “audaciously announced”.

The public spat between Kishor and Kumar has come amid a heated campaign for the Delhi polls in which the two are on the opposing sides. Meanwhile, Kishor is handling the campaign for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Nitish’s party has forged an alliance with the BJP to contest on two seats.

In the coming days after Kumar’s sharp words with another senior aide, Pavan Varma, who had openly opposed the JDU’s official stand on CAA as well as the alliance in Delhi. After Varma wrote an open letter asking Bihar CM to reconsider his position, the party chief had said he was free to leave the organization.


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