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“Put BJP Stickers On Buses, But Let Them Run”: Priyanka Gandhi Appeals UP Govt

Priyanka Gandhi on Wednesday released a video on her twitter handle in which she appealed to the Uttar Pradesh government to not indulge in politics. 

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Wednesday released a video on her twitter handle in which she appealed to the Uttar Pradesh government to not indulge in politics and allow the buses to ply for migrants workers walking on the streets.

The Yogi Adityanath led UP government has been in a tussle with Congress party after its leader Priyanka Gandhi offered the help of 1000 buses to transport the devastated migrant workers at the border of the state. Yogi government accepted the offer after Priyanka’s insistence on buses being ready at the border of the state. However, the UP government also asked Priyanka Gandhi’s office for the details of 1000 buses, with bus numbers and name of their drivers.

Though, Yogi government on Tuesday accused the Congress party of “scam” saying that many numbers given in the list of buses by Priyanka’s office belong to two-wheelers and small vehicles.

Priyanka Gandhi, in a video released on Wednesday, said, “We’ll have to understand our responsibilities. The migrant labourers walking to return to their homes aren’t just Indians but India’s spinal cord. The country runs on their blood and sweat. It’s everyone’s responsibility. It’s not the time for politics.”

The UP government, however, has not given permission to the busses arranged by the Congress party to transport migrants. Referring to that, Priyanka said, the BJP can put their own posters on the abuse and take credit for the initiative but should allow the buses to ply.

“At 4 PM it will be 24 hours since the buses were made available. If you want to use it, do it. Give us permission. If you want to use BJP party flags and stickers on buses then do it. If you want to say that you made those buses available, do it. But let the buses run,” she further added.

Talking to India Today, Rajiv Shukla, who’s been leading the buses from Delhi to UP, said, “We are not doing any politics. If the UP government wants to paste photos of their party leaders, put flags on buses, do that, but don’t make poor and migrants suffer anymore. Over 800 buses are ready to take the migrants but the government should allow us. They are doing politics over poor people.”

On the other hand, the BJP led government in UP has claimed that the Congress party is trying to gain political points amid the crisis.

“Many of the vehicles from the list of 1,000 buses turned out to be cars, ambulances and bikes. When students were being brought from Rajasthan, then why did the Congress not arrange any buses then?,” a BJP spokesperson said.



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