Rahul Gandhi’s reference to ISIS in Germany ‘Horrifying’ to BJP

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi’s reference to the terror group of ISIS in Germany while warning about the impact of excluding people from development has invoked a steep reaction back home from the ruling government of BJP.

Rahul Gandhi said, “It is very dangerous in the 21st century to exclude people” at the Bucerius Summer School in Hamburg, accusing the ruling BJP of excluding tribals, Dalits and minorities from the development narrative.

He further added, “If you don’t give people a vision in the 21st century, somebody else will. And that’s the real risk of excluding a large number of people from the development process”.

Linking the incidents of mob lynching in India to the fury because of unemployment and small businesses bombing after the cash ban and GST he said, “”They (the BJP government) feel tribal communities, poor farmers, lower caste people, minorities shouldn’t get the same benefits as the elite”.

He further said, “There is something much more dangerous that has happened.” He continued, “The prime minister had “demonetized the Indian economy and destroyed cash flows to small and medium businesses, rendering millions jobless”.

On the other hand, the BJP took these comments to be a “threat” and stated that Rahul Gandhi should apologise for the “veiled justification of terrorism”.

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, the Union Minister said, “ I do not understand the logic behind Rahul Gandhi’s threat. This is a country that has rejected the idea of ISIS and earlier the idea of al-Qaeda as well… I do not understand the meaning of this threat – if you do not do this, that will happen. In fact, he or the Congress party should not say anything that will encourage such forces.”

More so, condemning the remarks, BJP spokesperson “Horrified to hear Congress President Rahul Gandhi justifying the formation of ISIS in Syria and giving out a veiled threat that if Modiji (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) doesn’t give vision to India then soon someone else (read ISIS) would give the vision,” Mr Patra said.

“Unbelievable. He’s a PM aspirant,” he further retorted.

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