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I hope they have worked out their political screenplays: Shatrughan Sinha to Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan

The undaunted BJP politician Shatrughan Sinha has a word of advice for his friends Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan who have announced their entry into politics.

He said that he hoped the two Tamil actors have charted out some plan before taking the plunge. “I hope they have worked out their political screenplays in some detail before taking the plunge. I don’t think they have. I hope I am wrong. Because politics is no bed of roses,” he stated.

Making it clear that politics is no bed of roses he was quoted as saying, “Actors come from a world of glamour. They are addicted to glamour. In politics, there is a lot of power. And power is extremely glamorous. Actors come to politics in the hope of building on their glamour and fame.”

Talking about his differences with the BJP, he said he thought he would be given cabinet rank, but a “television actress” was given the position. He said he was subjected to humiliation. For this reason, he informed both Mr Rajinikanth and Mr Haasan that they should be clear about why they want to come into politics.

“Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan should be very clear on why they want to come into politics. Why just Rajinikanth? Even Kamal Haasan is a very good friend of mine. They never sought my advice before plunging into politics. If they had, I’d have warned them about the pitfalls of politics,” he was reported as telling a source.

Mr Sinha said his “friend” Mr Rajinikanth didn’t seek his advice before joining politics. He said he would have advised him against it, as DMK’s acting president MK Stalin had a very strong base in Tamil Nadu.

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