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“Untold Sufferings” await if Climate change not taken seriously, warn more 11000 scientists

The authors include a range of data that they believe represents a “suite of graphical vital signs of climate change over the past 40 years”

London: The study and research based on 40 years of data on a range of measures and governments have suggested that humans are failing to address the climate crisis.

The study says without deep and lasting changes, the world will be facing “untold human suffering”. The researchers say they have a moral obligation to warn of the scale of the threat.

This was released on the day the satellite data shows last month was the warmest October. The new study says that simply measuring global surface temperatures is an inadequate way of capturing the real dangers of an overheating world.

Some progress has been seen in a few areas. For example, renewable energy has grown significantly, with consumption of wind and solar increasing 373% per decade but it was still 28 times smaller than fossil fuel use in 2018.

Most of the researchers say most of their vital signs indicators are going in the wrong direction and add up to a climate emergency.

Lead author Dr Thomas Newsome, from the University of Sydney said, “An emergency means that if we do not act or respond to the impacts of climate change by reducing our carbon emissions, reducing our livestock production, reducing our land clearing and fossil fuel consumption, the impacts will likely be more severe than we’ve experienced to date”.

“That could mean there are areas on Earth that are not inhabitable by people.”

The latest report was published in bioscience a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The scientists, who come from over 150 countries, said the climate crisis is “closely linked to excessive consumption of the wealthy lifestyle.”
The words of teenage activist Greta Thunberg are currently echoing and the scientists have criticized policymakers for failing to take any action.
The scientist said, “Despite 40 years of global climate negotiations and few exceptions, we have conducted business as usual and have largely failed to address this predicament,”.
They listed six key issues that need to be addressed if humanity wants to prevent the most catastrophic scenarios. These include replacing fossil fuels, cutting the emissions of climate pollutants such as methane and soot, eating less meat, restoring and protecting ecosystems, building a carbon-free economy and stabilizing population growth by investing into family-planning services and girls education.

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