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“You can’t choose both, Gandhi and Godse”: Prashant Kishor targets Nitish Kumar

How much has Bihar progressed compared to Maharashtra or Karnataka,” asked Prashant Kishor while targeting Nitish Kumar?

Patna: As the Bihar election is approaching in 2020 Political strategist Prashant Kishor on Tuesday spoke about future plans for the state. Prashant Kishor hit out at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar with whom he fell out over differences on JDU’s tie-up with BJP at a press conference in Bihar. While attacking Nitish Kumar over lack of development in Bihar, Prashant Kishor announced a new campaign in the state “Baat Bihar Ki”.

A native of Bihar Prashant Kishor on Tuesday revealed the future plans for the state. In a press conference Kishore said My relations with Nitish Ji are not only political we met in 2014 in Delhi. Since then he treated me like his son. In many ways, I too considered Kumar as a father figure.

He said, Whatever decision Nitish Ji has taken be it is an industry we in party or removing me from the party, I heartily welcome the decision. I don’t want to debate or comment on it. It is his prerogative

We have a difference of opinion since the Lok Sabha elections on ideology positioning. Nitish Ji always said that we have to follow the principles of Gandhi and Lohia.

“My dilemma is at a time when you’ are promoting Gandhi’s ideas in Bihar how can you stand with people who support Godse? You can’t choose both. If you want to be with BJP, I have no problem. But you can’t be on both sides,” said Kishor.

He added, The second issues are regarding the positioning of JDU and Nitish Kumar in an alliance. Nitish Kumar’s relation with BJP goes back to 15 years ago. Why did I join the party then because Nitish Kumar with BJP in 2004 and Nitish Kumar with BJP today, there is a huge difference both?

For me, Nitish Kumar of 2014. who was defeated and had only 2 MPs has more respect. Today, with 16MPs a leader from Gujarat tells him you be the leader of an alliance for me, this is not a good thing. Bihar’s chief minister is a leader of 10 crore people he has his own respect. He doesn’t manage for other parties who will debate him for elections, he said.

Kishor said, “I have the same respect for Nitish Kumar. Very soon I am going to launch a program on February 20 for the state called ‘Baat Bihar ki’ means to build our state”.

Questioning Nitish Kumar Who is stopping let’s talk about development and new projections in Bihar blueprint should be kept in front of people I am not interested in the campaign said Kishor.

How much has Bihar progressed compared to Maharashtra or Karnataka,” asked Prashant Kishor while targeting Nitish Kumar?.

He said, “I am going to make aware to people that next 10 years Bihar should be in top 10 state show blueprint to people I am not going to contest elections”.

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