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What if Modi loses?

A recent survey of 21 global strategists and funds reveals that they expect Mr. Narendra Modi to return to power. Some rate his government as the best in the world in years, for having taken bold decisions, and see no reason why he should not come back. The Indian stock markets are already reflecting this and are in a bull phase. Investors willingness to pay a premium for certainty and continuity is reflected in market valuations. With investors showing no nervousness, the stock market indices are only northbound, with no sideways movements in prices. But what if Mr.Modi does not return to power, or the poll results do not meet the investor expectations. What if a fractious rag tag coalition comes to power, with no guts to take decisions. Will the shares prices inflated in this bull phase deflate in a panic reaction? While it is always a thumbs up for a strong government and a thumbs down for a weak one, at present investors are only in a thumbs up mood. #Modi #LokSabha2019 #Election2019 #BJP

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