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Editorial With Sujit Nair: Angela Merkel’s comment, declining jobs, demonetization-What Is Common? 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is on a two-day visit to India. On Friday, she told the German media that the (turbulent) conditions in Kashmir cannot be termed as permanent for long. However, the Kashmir issue was not discussed in the Inter-Governmental Consultation (IGC) meeting between the two countries. Merkel hoped that PM Modi would do something about the Kashmir issue. German media quoted Merkel as saying, “The situation in Kashmir today cannot be called good. I hope this will change.” In this episode of the Editorial, our Managing Editor Mr Sujit Nair talks about how the carefully crafted narrative on Kashmir by Profession has been destroyed by the ‘Jugaad’ acts of the government. #PMModi #Kashmir #AngelaMerkel

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