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Could Modi Govt Have Avoided FIASCO Over Farmers’ Protest?

The protest of the farmers at the borders of Delhi has been going on for ninth straight day. Since the agitation began on November 26, the farmer’s leaders and the government have held talks twice. But both the meetings remained inconclusive. So there will be another meeting on Saturday. The farmers are demanding a complete repeal of the law whereas the govt has agreed on rolling back some of the key provisions in the law. But as the standoff between the two continues, the protest is intensifying. 500 Farmers organizations and close to 2 Lakh farmers were estimated to take part in the protest initially. majority of them are from Punjab and Haryana. However, In the last few days the number has gone up as more and more farmers from other states including UP have joined in. These farmers are camped at Singhu and Tikri border whereas UP farmers are camped near the Chilla border that connects Delhi and Noida. The farmers when they began their march were met with brute force. They were lathi-charged, Water cannon was used against them, tear gas were shelled, Cement blocks were kept on the roads as a hurdle, bulldozers were placed even the road was dug up at several places. But defying all the words, Farmers reached Delhi border and are now camped there. Today we will talk about the farmers’ protest and the Modi govt’s / BJP govt’s response to it and could this fiasco have been avoided.

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