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“Eventually We Won’t Realise When It Reaches 1984-Type Orwellian Society”: Sarang Nerkar On Surveillance

The Pegasus Project has opened our eyes to a new reality. You may set a password or lock pattern on your phone but that’s clearly not enough to protect your device and all your data in it. The Pegasus Spyware that allegedly targeted 50,000 people worldwide including 300 Indians tells us the dangers of technology. and the most concerning part about this is, one does not even know if he or she is being watched, being surveilled. every activity that they do or every movement that they do it is being tracked. For fast, modern and socially relevant life, we have traded our privacy with technology. Artificial Intelligence, Social media algorithms, and spywares like Pegasus, there are endless technologies that are used to keep an eye on you and your every movement. Can we really escape this? As I said we want, fast, modern and socially relevant life. We can’t give up technology so what option do we have to avoid the surveillance? Or is it even possible to escape surveillance. We will ask all of these questions today to Sarang Nerkar. He is a founder and CEO at Innosapien Technologies. and is a part of a group from University of Toronto which works on privacy and anti-hacking equipment.

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