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Exclusive: Current Pace of Vaccination May Not Be Enough- Dr Anant Bhan On India’s Vaccine Strategy

“From Tomorrow, India is supposed to begin vaccinating its adult population, its citizens between 18-44 years of age group. Many of them anxiously waited for this since the last three months. The desparation to get vaccinated at the earliest has only grown as India is swamped with the Second wave of Covid-19. For Almost a week now, India is recording more than 3 Lakh Covid 19 cases and for the past three days, every day our death toll is touching 3000 mark. Amid this crisis, there are only two ways to ensure our safety: First Precautions and Second Is Vaccination. Though India has launched its vaccination drive in January, three months later, it is yet to be a smooth process for many. You see queues outside vaccination centres, People waiting sometimes 3-4 hours to get one shot of vaccine, many are facing problems with registration, getting slots, the glitches have marred the vaccination drive which was touted as the largest drive anywhere in the world by the Central govt. Where did our vaccine strategy go wrong and as we move towards the next and possibly very crucial phase of vaccination, what next? In this video we discuss this with Global Health and Bioethics Researcher, Dr Anant Bhan.

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