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Johnson & Johnson, Shame Shame

Johnson & Johnson scandal, of its faulty hip joint implants, which have crippled the lives of thousands of Indians, with unimaginable pain, agony and distress. It yet again proves how Indians are treated as third rate guinea pigs, by a mighty American multinational corporation and how the white skin is at a premium and the brown skin is at a discount. It is yet another instance, where due to the inherent weaknesses of our government and the legal systems, that a giant MNC will go scot-free, despite the pain, agony, suffering and distress, faced by thousands of Indians, whose only fault is that they trusted the Johnson product, the ASR hip joint implant. How is it that a giant MNC escapes the eyes of the administrative authorities? Mr. Akhilesh Bhargava, Business Editor of HW Business and Finance shares the inside story in this exclusive video.

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