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Bihar Assembly Elections 2020: Why Did Exit Polls Go Wrong In and The “Silent Voter” Factor

After a nailbiting fight at the ballot box that went on for hours, the picture was clear in Bihar. NDA clinched a victory but lost the spot of the single largest party to RJD. Many exit polls had predicted a majority for the Grand Alliance. Unlike the opinion polls which were conducted at the beginning of the October month and had predicted NDA win. Generally, opinion poll is the mood of the people before the campaign heat starts in the election, the exit poll, however, gives a more clear picture as it is conducted after the polling. It is believed that the Exit poll is an indication as to what we can expect from the final outcome and is somewhat close to the final result.
What we saw in Bihar was shattering to this belief. after the results, many pollsters have gone back and are introspecting what exactly went wrong in their research. In this video today we will talk about why exit polls went wrong about Bihar.

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