Case On Doctor For Delivery Of A Child, Know Here Why?

Case On Doctor For Delivery Of A Child, Know Here Why?

London : A woman had sued her mother's doctor for a very strange reason. The woman claimed that she 'should not have been born'. Now the woman has won the case and will be paid several million dollars as compensation. Britain's star showjumper Evie Tombs has filed a case against her mother's doctor for being born with spina bifida. The spinal defect meant that the Evie Tombs sometimes had to spend 24 hours with the tubes attached.

This information has been given in the report of 'The Sun'. A 20-year-old woman took Dr Philip Mitchell to court for her failure to properly counsel her mother while she was pregnant. Evie Tombs claims that if Dr Michele had told her mother that she needed to take folic acid supplements to reduce the risk of spina bifida affecting her baby, she would not have become pregnant.

This would have meant that Evie was never born. Judge Rosalind Coe QC backed Evie in ​​his landmark decision at the London High Court on Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported. The judge ruled that if Evie's mother had been 'given the right advice, she would have delayed her efforts to become pregnant.' He entitles Evie to a large compensation, saying that according to the circumstances after some time she would have become pregnant and as a result a normal and healthy child would be born.

Evie's lawyers have said that the exact amount is not known at this time. But this payment is likely to be large because he will need it to provide for his lifelong care. Evie's mother had earlier told the court that if Dr. Michelle had given her the right advice, she would have put off her plans to become pregnant.

She said that I was advised that if I eat a good diet, then I will not have to take folic acid. The decision is considered a significant one as it means a doctor can be held responsible for incorrect pre-pregnancy advice if it affects the unborn baby.

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