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Moin Qureshi: Why does CBI revolve around this man?

After a year of dispute between CBI director Alok Verma and Special director Rakesh Asthana, both are now sent on leave.. and the man who is at the centre of all these ongoing CBI row is once again Moin Qureshi.. The same Qureshi who was once responsible for the downfall of two CBI chiefs AP Singh and Ranjit Sinha. All the charges against Moin Qureshi ranging from tax evasion to money laundering are still pending. This entire Qureshi probe has now affected Alok Verma.. and his job. And now he has been divested from all his powers and duties. The association of people like Moin Qureshi and many more with the officials who hold high post in the top agencies defame the entire agency and gradually officers like Alok Kumar Verma has pay the price for it..

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