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Why should PM Modi take CM Modi’s words seriously ?

This was Narendra Modi, the then CM of gujurat who spoke about the hike in price of petrol and diesel in our country. The petrol price on sunday touched a record of Rs 76.24 per litre and diesel had climbed to its highest level of Rs 67.57. The hike in the prices comes after the oil PSUs passed on four weeks of continuous rise in the international oil prices to consumers. According to the state owned oil firms, petrol price increased by 33 paisa a litre and diesel by 26 paisa in the capital, which is the highest since the daily price revision came into force in mid june 2017. This is the seventh straight day of price increase. That means, the consumers will be directly affected. The cost will be afftected, as the price of vegetables fruits and cereals will go up. Also the price of farm fertilizers will further come down as the cost of diesel goes up. So it is high time that Prime Minister Modi take Chief Minister Modi’s words seriously. Also lets us know what you think in the comments box below regarding the current scenario of petrol price in our country.

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