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#RePlug: As per the speculation, the Cabinet today approved the rollout of National Population Register exercise (NPR). What is NPR, How will it be conducted and whether it is related to NRC or Census, explained in the video.

Many of you have not heard of it till now, but this is related to NPR- National Population Register. The NPR became the talking point when the West Bengal Government headed by TMC chief Mamata Banerjee stayed all work related to the preparation and update of the National Population Register in the state.
Following West Bengal, in Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan showed red signal to NPR. But Modi government is not very happy with the resistance from the states. It has already said that despite protests, there will be no rollback on CAA. However, it has also said that NRC has just been conveyed, it is not going to happen soon. In this video, our Correspondent Arti Ghargi explains what is NPR and what the controversy is all about. #CAA_NRC_Protest #NPR #CAA

However, on NPR the government is very clear. Today, the Council of Ministers’ is conducting a meeting. On Tuesday Modi cabinet is set to meet and there are strong speculations that it may now focus on NPR renewal.

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