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SC Garg Praises Late Arun Jaitley, Says FM Sitharaman Had “Pre-conceived” Notions About Him

Of all the ministries in Modi cabinet, Finance Ministry probably has remained the most controversial. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman herself has come under fire from the opposition over several issues. Then be it Govt’s Economic Stimulus package which the opposition claims hasn’t resulted in substantial growth or be it the Centre’s tussle with the states over GST compensation. FM Sitharaman braved the critics after her comments on “Act of God”. Amid all of this, a blog post from the former Finance Secretary has made some sensational claims. In fact, exactly a year ago when he quit, there were a lot of speculations around the reasons. But it is for the first time that he has spoken about it. A year ago, he took voluntary retirement from the IAS. Before that, he was transferred from Finance Ministry to Power Ministry. Garg who says wanted to work in the Finance Department given his interest and credentials found it best to quit. After that for a year, he couldn’t take any commercial employment as the Govt rules don’t allow it. He says in his blog post, “This one-year period was a period of transition out of the government employment. The new phase of public policy service as a private citizen begins now.”

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