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WhatsApp New Privacy Policy: Why European Users Have Choice To Opt Out But Indian Users Don’t?

Here’s what most of today’s newspapers looked like. One Full page of advertisement, that is front page advertisement by WhatsApp. The Advt read, “WhatsApp Respects and Protects your privacy”.
It said as a leading provider of end to end encryption we go to great lengths to build whatsapp in a way that helps people communicate privately. Our Recent Privacy Police and Terms of Service update upholds these values and does not affect the privacy of your message with your friends or family in any way.
Now. these front page advertisements or full page advt in leading national dailies costs millions. What prompted a free personal messaging app to spend huge money on these ads? The answer is virtual exodus from WhatsApp. Also, Do you know, while you as a user in India, cannot say that I don’t want to accept these terms and conditions, because I care for my privacy and I am not comfortable sharing this data with WhatsApp or Facebook but I still want to continue using WhatsApp. But your European counterparts can. WhatsApp Users in the Europe have an option of not accepting this new policy. That means they can opt out of the new terms and conditions and still use WhatsApp.

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