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Why Maharashtra’s Jalgaon Is Recording Death Rate Four Times The National Average?

India’s COVID 19 tally is increasing day after day. Every day close to 10000 cases are being reported and more than 200 deaths are being recorded. Maharashtra with 88528 cases remains the most affected state due to COVID 19. Mumbai, Pune are the hotspots of COVID 19. but the administration claims that they are able to control the outbreak and transmission rate has reduced. On the other hand, a district 400 Kilometers away from Mumbai has become a COVID 19 deathtrap. Jalgaon a district famous for its banana cultivation has made headlines for its alarming rate of deaths. Not only the health infrastructure is in shambles, but the cases also remain high. In this video, our reporter, Tejas Joshi explains how Jalgaon went from green zone to blaring red zone. #Jalgaon #Coronavirus #CivilHospital

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