Why do rich Indians migrate?

The favourite destinations for migration among wealthy individuals (HNIs) around the world are developed nations. USA and Canada top the list with Australia, New Zealand and Europe coming in a distant second. Better working opportunities, ease of doing business, better conditions for living and education are among the reasons why USA is the number one destinations for wealthy migrants. Our Business and Finance Editor, Mr. Akhilesh Bhargava and Mr. Apoorva Vora from Finolutions Wealthcare LLP explain the reasons why Indians aspire to migrate abroad, the citizens of which country contribute maximum outbound migration to the US, what formalities including EB5 Visas are required for the citizenship by investment route for migration, the disadvantage to India of having its citizens migrate abroad, the changing trend of migration to the US and many other pertinent aspects in relation to migration of citizens with deep pockets. #Migration #India #China #USA #EaseofDoingBusiness

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