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Fixers are all around

The shocking allegation of sexual misconduct against the Chief Justice of India, by a very junior female former employee, posted at his home office, has revealed a conspiracy of fixers operating in the system, against him. The story so far broadly is that a dismissed disgruntled lady employee who briefly worked with the CJI, whose conduct so far they say, has disrupted many vested lobbies, has made the easiest possible allegation that can be made by a woman against any man viz. sexual misconduct. It is certainly looking to be part of a much larger conspiracy, such that the dismayed Supreme Court bench hearing the matter remarked that if they i.e. the fixers continue to work, then none of us will surviveā€¦. fixing has no role to play in the system. This serious matter continues to be heard and an enquiry under a retired Supreme Court judge has been set up.


But we have not heard the last of this matter and case, with the evidence submitted by Adv. Utsav Bains, contending that there is a larger conspiracy to frame the CJI, being found to be so serious and substantial, that the judges’ bench hearing the matter, immediately summoned the CBI director, the Delhi police commissioner and the IB chief for a chamber meeting to discuss the same. They must have been called to investigate the incriminating evidence related to three disgruntled/dismissed employees of the Supreme Court, who might be representing the daring fixers in this case.


The alarmed judges may have remarked that fixers have no role to play in the system. But that would be the description of an ideal case. The reality in India is that the system is so rife with fixers, that they are synonymous with the system itself. They operate in the public sector as also in the private sector. The only difference in this case of the CJI is that while normally fixers operate shadily in the system, below the radar, and build bridges with the authority, and operate like their authorised agents to get work done illegitimately for favours, in this case, what has happened is the reverse. The fixers are trying to fix the authority itself, which is the CJI here. We are referring to those touts/fixers in the system, who operate in every agency, authority and department in the country and undermine the system, such as to favour the undeserving, for a quid pro quo, what we popularly call bribes. They operate in revenue departments, government ministries, statutory agencies, investigation agencies, banks etc. and sadly in courts too, as we are seeing. Like in the case of the ongoing investigations in the Augusta Westland case, fixers seem to be all round in government departments, under the patronage of lobbies.


These dubious operators may be called fixers, who violate laws with criminal intent, but the fact is that they just cannot operate fearlessly, without the blessings of the authorities, from who they seek favours. So fixers in a government department are bound to have nexus with the babus and the netas, in a court with nexus with the judges and so on. Their activity involves crime, corruption and red-tapism, and being hand in glove with the authorities, they are the preferred interface with the authorities, should you wish to get your work done.


The fact is that these powerful fixers subvert the system and undermine the very authority, at whose behest they operate. The biggest evidence of that is the pathetic state of the NPA ridden public sector banks in India where fixers, operating hand in glove with senior bankers, helped to get lacs of crores of rupees of loans sanctioned to the most unworthy persons and they have all turned bad. For that matter, even the likes of Ravi Parthsarthy and Hari Sankaran, the former bosses of ILFS were fixers of sorts, who fixed babus and netas, in order to shadily operate as a government concern and perpetrated their misdeeds. The reality is that fixers are an integral part of the Indian system. At times they are verily the system itself and though this time they have had the guts to take on the CJI himself, they will certainly not get weeded out of the system.


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