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US Elections 2020: Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner Advises Him To Accept Defeat, Say Media Reports

CNN has quoted two unnamed sources as saying that Kushner has contacted Trump about accepting defeat. 


Washington DC| Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of US President Donald Trump and his senior adviser, has spoken to Trump about conceding a defeat and accepting the results. Democratic candidate Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the election. According to the US media reports on Sunday, Kushner, husband of Trump’s daughter Ivanka spoke to his father in-law and advised him to accept the result who has been alleging that the election was “stolen”.

Trump had earlier said in a statement that Biden has hastily declared himself winner and that the electoral race is not over yet. Kushner has met him after Trump’s statement. Kate Bedingfield, deputy campaign manager for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ election campaign, said there had been no dialogue between Biden and Trump, nor had any interaction between the two representatives.

CNN has quoted two unnamed sources as saying that Kushner has contacted Trump about accepting defeat. The Associated Press also reported on Sunday that Kushner requested the president to accept the election results.

Fox News quoted two sources as saying that if Trump’s election campaign fails to change the outcome being reported, he would accept defeat and make a peaceful transfer of power. Biden would not be prevented from assuming the presidency on 20 January 2021, even if Trump did not accept defeat. Biden’s campaign senior adviser Simone Sanders told reporters that Donald Trump did not have the right to decide the winner of the election.


Voice of America quoted Sanders as saying, “People decide, the country’s voters decide. Voters have made their choice very clear. Trump said in a statement,” As long as the American public votes Honestly, I will not give up until it is counted. They are entitled to it and this is the demand for democracy. “He said that he would also start a legal battle from Monday.

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