Bengaluru: Purported E-Mail Sent To Schools Asking Alumni To Change Gyanvapi Masjid To Temple In Google Maps

Bengaluru: The school had previously given a donation to the Ram Mandir and required its employees to attend a screening of The Kashmir Files.

“You are requested to do it and ask our Hindu brothers and sisters to do it till google update this changes,” the mail reads.

The email, headlined ‘Gyanvapi temple instead of Gyanvapi mosque,’ also includes a list of instructions for alumni on how to change the Gyanvapi mosque’s name. The letter arrives at a time when the Gyanvapi mosque in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, is the subject of fierce debate and a court case.

The incident came to light when several of its alumni started sharing screenshots of the email, raising questions.

Quoting the late activist Martin Luther King Junior, one of its students named Preethi Krishnamoorthy asked her school, “Are you teaching the children how to think or are you telling them what to think? The difference is huge.”


However, HW News has not been able to individually verify the email or contact the school authorities.

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