Club House Room: On Remarks Violating Muslim Girls Is Equal To Building Seven Temples, Delhi Police Issues Notice

Club House Room: On Remarks Violating Muslim Girls Is Equal To Building Seven Temples, Delhi Police Issues Notice

New Delhi: After the Bulli Bai and Sulli Deals Apps surfaced and are being probed, similar incident that is doing rounds on social media has left everyone stunned and disgusted. In all the incident motive is similar, targets are Muslim Women. A notice has been issued against them by Delhi Police.

In a video, whose authenticity is unknown, a group of boys and girls can be see holding a clubhouse discussion. The virtual meeting, similar to the recent cases of 'Sulli deals' and 'Bulli deals' demeans Muslim women. The participants can be heard making obscene, vulgar and derogatory remarks over women and girls especially from the Muslim community.

The video which went viral on social media, features a group of young boys and girls who are seen casually discussing about violating Muslim women. One of them said that every Muslim Women is ultimately Hindu. Others in the room support his comments by cheering. The man can also be heard saying that Muslim girls will do gharwapsi, when Hindus will marry Muslim girls and will convert them into Hinduism. The group further mocks Islam and Muslims and claim that 70 percent of the Muslims are 'anyway converted' since the religion was 'founded only 2000 years ago'.

Another male participant can further be heard saying that having sex with a Muslim girl will wash away all their sins and that they will get reward equal to building seven temples by doing so.

The video comes after after derogatory 'Sulli Deals' site surfaced, followed by an app targeting Muslim women by the name of Bulli Bai emerged last month. 'Bulli Bai' popped up on January 1, with a number of pictures of women including journalists, social workers, students and famous personalities, accompanied by derogatory content.

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) issued a notice to the Cyber Crime Cell of Delhi Police on Tuesday and demanded an FIR against persons making obscene comments against Muslim women on an app called 'Clubhouse'.

The commission took sou-moto cognizance of a video posted online on Twitter that showcased a Clubhouse conversation on the topic 'Muslim girls are more beautiful than Hindu girls' and sought information latest by January 24.

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