Nitesh Rane questions Uddhav Govt over Flooding issue of Mumbai during Monsoon

Nitesh Rane writes letter to CM Uddhav Thackeray and highlights the issue of water logging in the city during Monsoon. Nitesh Rane is of the opinion that every year BMC shows that they are taking adequate measures but on the field noting happens. Every year we get to hear the news of people loosing their loved ones due to water logging in the city.

In a strong worded letter to CM Uddhav Thackeray, Nitesh Rane writes, “Shiv Sena who is ruling the BMC since more than two decades now has no solution to offer to Mumbaikars who suffer from issue of water logging in Mumbai during Monsoon. You want to change the face of Mumbai by painting and beautification but you have ignored the main issues of the city completely. This time good monsoon is expected so one can imagine what mumbaikars will have to face in this monsoon.”

In his letter Nitesh Points out that there are 386 dangerous spots in the city itself which has been tagged as Flooding points. Out of these, 28 place fall under one Section. Matunga, Wadala, Sion these adjacent areas only have 25 flooding spots which have created havoc in Mumbai if it rains continuously. According to Rane , there are 22 such days where Mumbai will face hight tied and if during that period if Mumbai faces 250ml rainfall then it will be repeat of 26 July havoc. Apart from installing pumps at these flooding spots what else you have done to give relief to Mumbaikars? Questions Nitesh in his letter.

“Will state govt and BMC make any forward plan to resolve these issues ? Will there be any permanent solution that State govt and BMC will look for ? Or Mumbaikars will again have to suffer due to the issue of water logging just because State Govt and BMC have no plans or will to solve the issue.”? Says Nitesh Rane

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