“Not A Matter Of Political Mileage”: Sadhguru On Gyanvapi

New Delhi: In an interview with India Today, Executive Director Rahul Kanwal at the World Economic Forum 2022 in Switzerland Spiritual leader Sadhguru said, “Media houses have a significant role to play if you call sensible people from both communities for debate.”

If that narrative begins to build, definitely it is possible. There is no dispute which cannot be settled, said Sadguru said on Gyanvapi row.

Those who are into active politics should be kept out of these things because this should not be made into political mileage or political capital for anyone he added.

He went on to say conversations in the country should move beyond communities and come to the country, he added.

He went on to say “Mughals are not here to apologize and Muslims of the country are Indian citizens so there is no one to apologize. He concluded by jokingly saying even if you want to build a temple or a mosque you need soil. So let’s talk soil he said with a chuckle.

Sadhuguru Take On Hindi Imposition Row 

On the Hindi vs South Indian languages debate, Sadhguru said, “All languages have equal place in India. South Indian languages have more literature than Hindi, actually. India is a unique nation not formed on the sameness of anything. We are a kaleidoscope – that’s the beauty of the country.”

He added, “When we formed linguistic states, it was a natural promise that all languages will be respected. Please keep it that way. Don’t change the fundamental ethos of the nation just because a certain language has more speakers.”

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