Johnny Depp To Be Defended In A New Court Case By Camille Vasquez

Johnny Depp

Ms Vasquez will represent Johnny Depp in a personal injury lawsuit against him by Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, the film’s site manager.

For the second time, actor Johnny Depp will be represented in court by attorney Camille Vasquez. Ms Vasquez rose to fame during Mr Depp’s high-profile defamation suit against ex-wife Amber Heard.

The 37-year-old attorney will now defend the Pirates of the Caribbean star in a personal injury lawsuit filed against him by Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, location manager for the film City of Lies, alongside fellow Brown Rudnick partner Randall Smith.

Mr Brooks claims that Mr Depp “maliciously and forcibly” punched him twice in the ribs before offering him $100,000 to strike him back in the face, according to the Independent. The incident occurred in April of 2017. Mr Brooks further alleged that the Hollywood actor’s actions were “intentional and malevolent” and intended to humiliate him.

Furthermore, Mr Brooks claims that Mr Depp’s “intoxication and fury created a hostile, abusive, and unsafe work environment.” According to the court docs, the location manager was sacked from the film because he refused to sign a release relinquishing his right to sue over the event.

According to the publication, Mr Depp’s attorneys deny that the actor or his co-defendants hit Mr Brooks. They have maintained, however, that his injuries were caused by “self-defense/defense of others” and that Mr Brooks “provoked” the actions that resulted in his injuries.

The trial will begin on July 25 in Los Angeles County Superior Court in the United States. Camille Vasquez will be back in court with Johnny Depp for the case.

After the Amber Heard defamation trial in Fairfax County, Virginia, Ms Vasquez was promoted to partner at Brown Rudnick. During the seven weeks that the court was in session, the 37-year-old attorney became a celebrity among Mr Depp’s many admirers inside and outside the courtroom.

She had bravely questioned Amber Heard. Among the highlights had been when she asked Ms Heard if she had donated the $7 million divorce settlement sum to charity as promised. Ms Vasquez pointed up the misdirection when Ms Heard tried to avoid answering directly by indicating that she had “pledged” the money to several charities, saying, “Ms Heard, respectfully, that is not my question.”

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