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China Tries To Infiltrate Near Southern Pangong Lake Again, Indian Soldiers Drive them Away

According to reports, the Indian Army received intelligence input last month that Chinese troops are preparing to open a new front at the south of Pangong Tso Lake.


Ladakh| The People’s Liberation Army of China continues to intrude in Indian borders as the negotiations go on the parallel between the armies of the two countries to resolve the recent border face-off. However, its infiltration bid has proved to be unsuccessful.  On the night of 29-30 August, Chinese troops tried to capture the southern hill of Pangong Lake in Ladakh. While the move was unsuccessful as Indian soldiers foiled the plan the PLA troops once again attempted to intrude on 31 August. Again, the vigilante Indian Army drove them away.

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Officers of the brigade commander level of India-China are holding talks for the third consecutive day today amid tension at the border. The meeting is being held in Moldo, 20 km from LAC in Chushul sector. Earlier, India had bluntly asked China to keep its frontline troops under control. On the other hand, the Chinese state-owned newspaper Global Times published an article threatening to remind India of the 1962 war saying India cannot protect itself from the Chinese army.

The army was aware of China’s plan since August 20

According to reports, the Indian Army received intelligence input last month that Chinese troops are preparing to open a new front at the south of Pangong Tso Lake. On this basis, the Indian Army made preparations for a week and deployed troops at the LAC bases at the southern end. The army’s guess was accurate that the movement was happening from China’s side to repeat what it did on the northern end of Pangong lake in Galwan and Depsang. As per the report, the Chinese soldiers who arrived on the night of 29-30 August to infiltrate, did not expect the presence of Indian soldiers.

India completely in control of Southern Pangong Lake

According to army sources, the disputed area of ​​southern Pangong is completely occupied by India. The army is present at many peaks here. Reports also said that the Indian Army has also captured Spangur Gap, considered to be challenging, the Spangur Lake and the Chinese road along its shore. China has been claiming several peaks along the Ladakh border. It also wanted to occupy the entire southern part of Pangong Lake and the Spangur Gap to gain an edge.

Three Statements From China:

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, “The reason for the dispute between India and China is disputed boundaries. Due to this, there will always be a problem. Nevertheless, we are ready to resolve the issues through dialogue with India. ”

At the same time, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that both sides (India-China) should keep the facts in mind so that there is no obstruction in bilateral relations and peace is maintained at the border. “China never believes in provoking war, nor have we occupied an inch of the land of any other country. Our forces never crossed the border. It seems that there is some communication issue,” she said.


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