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Election Commission’s orders stops big fat weddings in Karnataka till 12 May

Karnataka: In order to reduce the supply of money and other measures to buy votes in the assembly election in Karnataka, the Election Commision has set up checkpoint across the state. This decision has caused major disruption in organising big fat weddings during the peak season.

EC has also asked Paramilitary and Police forces to check election inducements and illicit funds being distributed by political parties among the electorate.

The police ask for bills and disallow goods more than 50000 in a single vehicle. “They demanded bills for these sarees, checked with the shop that I purchased them and only released the vehicle with these sarees after a few hours.” Restrictions have been placed on wedding halls, the number of guests, the kind of food served, with bills having to be produced for everything that moves through the checkpoints, voters said.

“How am I supposed to conduct my daughter’s wedding in the way I want to in this situation? They are checking even small gifts that I have purchased for my relatives!” said another father in Khanapur.

The checkpoints have seized crores of rupees in cash and other items that is thrice the amount seized in 2013 or 2014.

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