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Kota Hospital death toll climbs to 100, Mayawati slammed Priyanka Gandhi on the situation

10 infants died in 48 hours on December 23-24, as four children died on December 30 while five on December 31


RAJASTHAN| The record straight set on Wednesday more nine infants have died in the past two days at the JK Lon hospital in Kota, Rajasthan. The death toll has reach up to 100 for the month.

At the government-run hospital in the death toll of infants is rising rapidly. 10 infants died in 48 hours on December 23-24. Four children died on December 30 while five on December 31, all mainly due to low birth weight, hospital superintendent Dr Suresh Dulara said.

Hospital officials claimed the reported number of deaths at the health facility in 2019 has witnessed decline since 2014 when 1,198 children died.

The nursing in charge of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has been replaced who was specialises in looking after the premature and sick newborns. Efforts are taken to upgrade the machines and maintenance of the hospital after directed by the Congress government ruling the state.

Medical College Principal Dr Vijay Sardana brief’s an order has been issued for installation of central oxygen supply line at the hospital and the work would be completed within 15 days.

Opposition Party BJP went to visit the hospital and expressed the concern. When question they said that two to three children were found on single beds and hospital did not have enough nurses to behind the infants. After the visit of opposition, the direction was given to the hospital.

Dr Sardana said the paediatric department at the health facility has been reconstructed with its three units being functional in Jay Kay Lon hospital and a non-teaching unit working in New Medical College premises. The proposals for new OPD and emergency wards for paediatric and gynaecology departments have been incorporated in the proposed OPD Block under the Smart City Project. Earlier NCPCR had served a show-cause notice to the State government. “Pigs were found roaming inside the campus of the hospital,” its chairperson Priyank Kanoongo had said.

In the series of tweets, Mayawati slammed Priyanka Gandhi. Following the incident on Thursday, BSP supremo Mayawati criticize the Congress leader for not paying heed to the Kota hospital tragedy in the Congress-ruled Rajasthan.

Mayawati on Priyanka’s visit to UP so deliberately to pull down Yogi Adityanath’s Government ask Priyanka to push more kilometres to visit Kota and meet infants family.

Mayawati tweeted the attitude of the Ashok Gehlot government in Rajasthan was condemnable as it has mismanaged the situation of the 100 children deaths in Kota and still remains irresponsible and unsympathetic to the situation.


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In tweets, Mayawati further said, “It is very sad that the Congress General Secretary is keeping mum on the deaths of 100 children in the Kota hospital. It would have been better if like Uttar Pradesh, she would have met the mothers of the children who have died in the hospital, due to the apathy of the government of her party in the state. If the Congress General Secretary does not go and meet the Kota families who are affected by the tragedy then her outreach towards victims in Uttar Pradesh would be considered political opportunism, from which the public of Uttar Pradesh is advised to stay alert.”



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