Sachin Sawant to quit Congress after ‘demotion’?

Sachin Sawant to quit Congress after ‘demotion’?

Mumbai : Sachin Sawant has been demoted as assistant spokesperson. A trouble is brewing for Maharashtra Congress. One of its top and sensible spokesperson has reportedly surrender his submit in protest in opposition to new appointments made by means of state leader Nana Patole. An disappointed Sachin Sawant has reportedly additionally written to Congress president Sonia Gandhi inquiring for a brand new function.

Nana Patole is believed to have appointed Atul Londhe, a former Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader, as Chief Spokesperson of the Congress in Maharashtra. Mr Londhe joined the Congress in 2016.

Sachin Sawant, a Congress general secretary who has been chief spokesperson for 10 years, was reportedly demoted to assistant spokesperson. The furious leader shot off his resignation on Tuesday, reports say.

Sawant has removed his designation from his twitter bio too.

Speaking to NDTV he had denied resigning or slit with the party’s state chief. But, he conveyed that he had written a letter to Sonia Gandhi asking for a new role and to be relieved of his current post. He refused to elaborate further.

The Congress spokesperson was feeling humiliated for being supplanted. He has been the strongest voice against BJP and Devendra Fadnavis government.

Nana Patole being appointed as Congress chief has made some changes and stirred up things for the party. Many veterans of the party have been upset over changes made by them.

Patole, a former BJP MP, joined the Congress after a falling out with the BJP leadership just before the 2019 national election.

Since his elevation to the Congress top post in Maharashtra, Patole has made several controversial comments that have rattled not just his own party men but also allies Shiv Sena and NCP in the ruling coalition.

In July, he alleged that he was saved underneath surveillance by his personal state authorities.

He has additionally repeatedly talked in regards to the Congress going solo in elections, upsetting sturdy reactions from companions NCP and Shiv Sena.

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