“Battle Between Two Opposing Ideologies”: Yashwant Sinha, Opposition Candidate For Presidential Race, Says In Statement

Today in his statement issued to the media, Yashwant Sinha considers his goals for India.

New Delhi: Presidential candidate of the combined opposition parties Yashwant Sinha earlier today stated that the presidential race was not a personal endeavor but a battle between two ideologies.

Sinha, the opposition’s joint candidate who will suit up for battle on the 18th of July, today in his public statement circled out his goals and aspirations for the people of his nation.

The former Chief Minister argued that the presidential battle was not between two people but between two “opposing ideologies”. Sinha said that he held opposing candidate Murmu in the highest regard.

The joint candidate on Wednesday in his media statement said that “leaders of one ideology are hell-bent on throttling the constitution. They believe India’s Rashtrapati should not function with a mind of her/his own and should merely serve as a rubber stamp to do the government’s bidding”.

“I am proud to belong to the other ideology that is determined to save the constitution and the Republic”, he added.

In the lengthy statement made to the media, Sinha asserted if elected, “he shall conscientiously uphold, without fear or favor, the basic values and guiding ideals of the Constitution”.

The Presidential contender voiced his concerns for the citizens of the nation and promised in his statement that, “I shall raise my voice for the common people – farmers, workers, unemployed youth, women and all marginalized sections of society,”.

Sinha added that the present attacks on the Federal Structure of the Constitution, whereby the centre robs the state of its rights and legitimate powers, will be treated as totally unacceptable.

The candidate firmly added that he will not permit the ‘weapon’isation of democratic constitutions to be used against political opponents.

“After filing my nomination papers on June 27, I plan to begin my campaign by visiting as many state capitals as I possibly can. I hope to meet or speak to the leaders as well as MPs and MLAs of all the political parties to seek their support,” he added.

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