Police Barges Into Congress Office: Delhi Police Now BJP’s “Private Militia”?


Congress, BJP row escalates amidst the Rahul Gandhi ED probe.

New Delhi: As Congress fares the storm between its BJP warfare and Rahul’s ED probe, earlier today its party headquarters according to alleged visual sources was prey to an unprovoked violent show by the Delhi Police unit.

Congress MP Karti P Chidambaram shared exclusive footage of the event where police officers violently barged into the party office, carrying away a party member. MP Chidambaram who called the Delhi Police BJP’s private militia commented today

“@DelhiPolice behaving like the private militia of the @BJP4India by entering the HQ of the @INCIndia,”.

In the video that surfaced along with the tweet showcased another member of the party questioning the Police unit’s jurisdiction on entering the party site. The man that was recording the incident along his dialogue with the unit was seen to be violently manhandled by the cops.

“Many people threw barricades at police near the AICC office, so there might’ve been a scrimmage. But police didn’t go inside the AICC office and use lathi charge. Police are not using any force. We will appeal to them to coordinate with us,” Sagar Preet Hooda, Special Commissioner of Police (Law & Order), told sources.

The police have as of now, denied the allegation and refuse to accept that they entered the party unit’s office. The party that recently accused the BJP government of obstructing the path of political activists to the office have announced that the opposition will soon face stringent consequences.

“The atmosphere in the country is in front of everyone to see. I could not bring my own staff inside the AICC office. No one else is allowed. Political activists cannot enter their party offices. This is happening for the first time in the country,” Mr Baghel, Congress CM added on the matter.

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