“Stayed At PM’s House, Atmosphere In Country Was Different Then”: PM’s Childhood Friend Abbas

Abbas Ali

New Delhi: On the occasion of his mother Heeraben Modi’s 100th birthday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted a blog on Saturday in which he addressed his Muslim buddy Abbas Ali. Following the publication of PM’s  blog, there was widespread discussion concerning PM Modi’s friend Abbas Ali. In an exclusive interview with ABP News, Abbas spoke more about his friendship with PM Mod and the amazing bond he shared with PM Modi’ s Mother (Heeraben Modi).

Abbas Ali, a Muslim acquaintance of PM Modi, is currently residing in Sydney, Australia .”Yes, I stayed at PM Modi’s house for about 1 year and I had given the matriculation examination while staying there. My father and PM Modi’s father used to be very good friends. After the death of my father, I stayed at PM Modi’s home for a year. PM Modi’s father had brought me home and during. During this one year, I celebrated Holi, Diwali as well as Eid at his home.”

Abbas further told ABP News that on the occasion of Eid, PM Modi’s mother used to make vermicelli for him. However, he said that the atmosphere that prevails now was not like this before. During that time, everyone used to celebrate all festivals together.”

The PM’s childhood friend told ABP that he never sought any help from PM Modi. While in Ahmedabad, he never met the PM.

PM Modi had said on his blog that Abbas was a childhood buddy of his and stayed in his home. Abbas, like all the other children, was well-cared for by his mother. PM’s mother used to prepare delicacies of her choice on Eid.

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