World Refugee Day: Harmony Foundation Distributes Afghani Refugee Children With Educational Materials

Mumbai: World Refugee Day, designated by the United Nations, is an international day observed
every year on June 20th, respecting and honouring the perseverance and strength of
millions of refugees across the world. On June 20th, 2022, Harmony Foundation
distributed educational materials to Afghani refugee children residing in New Delhi and
also inaugurated an education centre for these unfortunate refugee children. World
Refugee Day not only honours each and every refugee for their bravery, but it also
serves as a reminder for the rest of the world to express empathy not only in words, but
also in action.

Harmony Foundation announces this years theme as “COMPASSION FOR
REFUGEE CHILDREN” for the Mother Teresa Memorial Awards for Social Justice,
and International Conference 2022

Harmony Foundation distributed educational materials to Afghani refugee children
at the first learning centre on World Refugee Day on June 20th, 2022 in New Delhi.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine that began on February 24, 2022 has all but faded away
into oblivion in our memories, but unfortunately it is very much alive on the ground in
Ukraine with, as per UN estimates, 12.8 million people displaced and 4.5 million
children displaced or separated. This tragic state of affairs calls for the whole world to
be compassionate to victims of such unfortunate circumstances, wherein the Afghani
people have been one of the most affected refugees in the world.

The Harmony Foundation believes in the true essence of compassion and peace, and we
continue to lend our support and care to all the people, especially children, who have
been victims of unfortunate circumstances and have sought refuge in other countries. In
light of this, Harmony Foundation has decided to keep Compassion for Refugee
Children with a focus on their plight as the theme for this year’s Mother Teresa
Memorial Awards for Social Justice 2022 and the International Conference.

Children are angelic beings with innumerable dreams and hopes.There are many
children who face the repercussions of human hunger for power and religious
radicalism for no fault of theirs. Refugee children are some of the most vulnerable
victims who see the uglier side of the world at such a tender age. These refugee children
don’t have access to basic education, and therefore, one of the ways through which we
can help them in rebuilding their lives and reviving their lost dreams is by providing the
means to achieve that. Our prime purpose is to sensitise the global community towards
the plight of the refugee children across the world, and express more compassion and
empathy for their cause. In view of the same, Harmony Foundation endeavours to help
them as much as we can, and in alignment with this year’s theme, we organised this
first activity of distributing the study materials to help the Afghani refugee children in
New Delhi.

Dr.Abraham Mathai (Founder- Chairman, Harmony Foundation) distributed the
educational materials to Afghani refugee children on June 20th, 2022 which was also the
opening ceremony of India’s first Project Shiksha Facilitation Centre by our NGO
partner, The Movement in New Delhi, at F-4 Basement, Lajpatnagar 1, near Shani
Mandir, New Delhi.

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