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Watch: “5%”- P Chidambaram mocks Modi govt while being escorted by CBI

In a gesture mocking the BJP govt, P Chidambaram signalled “5%” indicating towards the latest GDP figure, while he was being escorted out of the Supreme Court.


New Delhi| Even after a harsh day in Supreme Court, former Finance Minister P Chidambaram didn’t seem bothered as he mocked the Modi govt over an economic slowdown. In a gesture mocking the BJP govt, he signalled “5%” indicating towards the latest GDP figure.

While he was being escorted out of the Supreme Court hearing, a reporter standing nearby asked him to comment over his days in the CBI custody. But instead of answering the question, P Chidambaram signalled a hand gesture showing his palm. He further said, “5%”. As the journalist asked what did it indicate, Chidambaram sarcastically questioned what did he think it meant. When the journalist asked whether he meant GDP, he smiled and walked away.

A video of this incident is being shared on social media. The video was also shared by his son Karti Chidambaram who is also accused in the INX Media case.

On Friday India’s GDP growth hit a new low. The Gross Domestic Product growth for the first quarter of the financial year 2019-20 dropped to a mere five per cent. This marks a sharp decline of 0.8 per cent points compared to the last quarter that ended in March.
The current GDP numbers are the worst in the last five years, weakest growth rate since 2013. The GDP growth has been falling since the last many quarters. Economists had pegged the GDP growth figure at 5.7% but as it turns out, the number is much lower than what was expected.
On Sunday, Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh slammed the Modi government for the economic slowdown. In a scathing remark over the continuous fall in the GDP figures, he said that it is the sign of deep recession. He said that India has the possibility of rapid growth, but due to mismanagement of Modi government, there has been a slowdown.
He said, “This clearly shows that our economy has not yet recovered from the demonetization and hastily implemented GST,”. Singh also advised the Modi government to put aside its “political revenge agenda” and “talk to the sensible people” to show a new path to our economy which is trapped in the crisis.

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