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Arundhati Roy claims the NPR will become a database of NRC

‘They will visit your homes, take your name, phone number and ask for documents like Aadhaar and driving licenses’, Roy said

NEW DELHI| On Wednesday Author and activist Arundhati Roy participated in protest against CAA and NRC. While addressing Protest she said that the National Population Register will serve as a database for the National Register of Citizens and asked people to oppose the former by giving wrong names and addresses.


While talking to protestors at Delhi University, Ms. Roy also claimed that the NRC was against the Muslim population.

Ms. Roy said, “They will visit your homes, take your name, phone number and ask for documents like Aadhaar and driving licenses. The NPR will become a database of NRC”.

“We need to fight against it and have a plan. When they visit your home for NPR and ask for your name give them some different names for eg: Ranga-Billa, etc. For address say 7 RCR. A lot of subversion will be needed, we are not born to face lathis and bullets,” she said this to protesters.

Ms. Roy criticizes Prime Minister Narendra Modi of lying at his Ram Leela rally in Delhi. He had said that the government never said anything about the NRC process and that there are no detention camps in the country.

“He told the lie knowing that it will be caught. He lied because he has the media with him,” she said.

Ms. Roy said that those protesting against the amended CAA and NRC need to work for getting a “proper commitment” from various states that they will not implement these measures.

She alleged that after widespread protests in the country, the government has been trying to push the provisions of NRC and CAA through NPR.

Alleging that Muslims are being attacked and oppressed by the police in Uttar Pradesh, Ms. Roy said, “Attacks are taking place on Muslims in UP. Police are going house to house ransacking and looting.”

Reacting to this BJP Leader Uma Bharti said that she is ashamed to take the name of a woman who idolizes the likes of Ranga-Billa. Her views are not only anti-woman but also anti-humanity.

‘It shows a very disgusting mentality. If the country has such intellectuals, then we should get a register of such persons. She should be ashamed of herself. If such statements do not betray the nation, then what does’, Uma Bharti added.

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Ranga-Billa was the convicted rapist of the 1978 famous sibling rape and kidnapping case known as Geeta and Sanjay Chopra kidnapping case. Both the convicts were executed in Tihar jail in 1982.


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