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Modi doesn’t have the guts to say he believes in Godse says Rahul at rally in Wayanad

Rahul Gandhi led a mass protest march against the CAA in Kerala’s Wayanad district where he claimed that PM and Godse have the same ideology.

Wayanad| While leading a mass protest against CAA in his constituency, Rahul Gandhi claimed that PM Narendra Modi and Nathuram Godse have the same ideology and the only difference is that PM Modi doesn’t have the guts to accept that he believes in Godse.

The Congress leader also added that when the Hindutva activist shot dead Gandhi, he didn’t open his eyes because ‘he knew what he was doing’.

Gandhi, the Congress MP from Wayanad, slammed PM Modi on the CAA and said he was forcing Indians to prove they are Indians. He added that the Prime Minister was so “full of hatred and anger” that he did not understand Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of each following their own belief.

“Godse shot Gandhi because he didn’t believe in himself. He loved no one, he cared for no one, and he believed in nobody. That is the same in our Prime Minister. He only loves himself. He only believes in himself. He is not interested in listening to the billions of voices in this country,” Rahul said as India paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 72nd death anniversary.

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“If you look at our culture and our history, this is embedded in our tradition. You can look across the country and you will find great people who encouraged others to search for their truths. But, today, an ignorant man, an uninformed man, is trying to challenge this idea.” he added.

He is so full of anger that he doesn’t know what India’s strength is. Who is Modi to decide if I am Indian? Who has given him the licence to decide who is Indian and who is not?” he asked.

“It is our duty to confront them peacefully. The same way we fought Godse’s ideology, we will fight Modi. And, I’m telling you, we will win,” Rahul said.

Hundreds of workers holding the flag walked for nearly two km in Wayanad for the ”Save the Constitution” march which is led by Rahul, who is on a three-day visit to the state.

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