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Exclusive: “The Psychological Toll Is Unimaginable”- What Doctors In Covid Ward Are Going Through?

“For almost two months now, India’s is confronted with a ferocious second wave of Covid-19. In these two months we have seen the worst of it. Patients struggling to get Oxygen, life-saving medicines, many of them unable to find beds or ventilators on time. We have seen the horrific situation in Delhi where people have died of lack of oxygen. But as the Pandemic crippled our healthcare system, infrastructure, it is the frontline workers, our doctors, nurses, healthcare workers who are trying their best to keep it afloat. Honestly, we as Indians should be thankful to all of these healthcare workers for their service in these challenging times. But while we do that we also have to pay attention to one of the less-discussed aspect of the pandemic and its impact. And I am talking about the impact of the pandemic on doctors. Doctors who are on Covid duty. You see, we get to hear a lot about what patients are suffering from. but there’s rarely any discussion on what those on the other side are facing. Today in this video, we will talk about the impact of Covid pandemic on the mental health of our frontline workers. and I am joined by Doctor Srinivas Rajkumar. He is a consultant psychiatrist.

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