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5 Points That Suggest BJP May Be Behind Maharashtra Political Crisis

“For the past few days, Maharashtra is witnessing intense political drama. Shivsena which is one of the ruling alliance partners in the MVA is on a verge of a split. More than 30 of its MLAs are currently camping in Guwahati along with rebel senior leader Eknath Shinde, hoping the number increases to 37 to avoid action under the anti-defection law. With each passing day, the number in the rebel camp grows whereas those with Uddhav Thackeray here in Mumbai are going down. The rebel camp MLAs have also taken a step to claim that they are the real “”Shivsena””. On the other hand, Uddhav Thackeray has announced that if the rebel MLAs come to Mumbai and tell him that he’s not capable to lead the govt, he will resign from the post and hand over the charge. Today, the party spokesperson has even made an offer that their demand of quitting MVA will be considered if they first come to Mumbai and meet Uddhav Thackeray. The crisis in Shivsena has also thrown the future of MVA in uncertainty. Both allice partners Congress and NCP are conducting series of meetings, keeping their flock together and also observing the developments in Shivsena. The one party that is sitting at a distance and watch it all unfolding is opposition BJP. Surprisingly for the past 3 days, as the crisis deepens for MVA, BJP top leadership in the state has been absolutely tight-lipped about it. The Only remark they made: The BJP has no hand in engineering the crisis in Shivsena and thereby MVA. Some leaders also said that MVA brought upon this crisis on itself, BJP had nothing to do with it. The question on everyone’s mind: Is it really so? Has BJP really got nothing to do with the crisis? Well, the BJP might claim so, but these developments that happened amid the political crisis suggest otherwise. Let us look at 5 points which hint at possible BJP involvement in the MVA political crisis.

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