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Exclusive: Son Martyred In Pulwama, Govt Ignorance Forces Father To Sell Milk

While the parties lure their vote banks on the name of martyrs, their families who have been fed promises after promises await for the government to fulfil them. One such family is Martyr Ramesh Yadav’s family. Ramesh Yadav who was native of Varanasi was on duty in Pulwama when the attack took place. He was among the 40 soldiers who lost their lives in the line of duty. After his death, several politicians and leaders made a beeline to visit his grieving family. But turns out it was just a photo-op. One year on neither of them turned back and seen how his family is doing and how they are surviving. Now, the old father is forced to sell milk to survive.
#PulwamaAttack #PMModi #YogiAdityanath

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