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Has Father Ram Vilas Paswan’s Humiliation By Nitish Kumar led Chirag Paswan To Go Solo In Bihar?

The Bihar assembly elections around the corner, political heat in the state is rising. We have in the past spoken about NDA and its internal issues in Bihar. It did come as quite a shocker when Lok Jan Shakti Party decided to contest the assembly;y elections in the state separately and not with the BJP-JDU alliance. The party will field candidates on 143 Seats. On the other hand, BJP has made amply clear that it will stick to JDU and made Nitish Kumar the face of the alliance, the CM face. However, the party is no longer a younger brother in the state, and thus the seat-sharing arrangement between them is 50:50. Interestingly, LJP President Chirag Paswan has clarified that he accepts the leadership of PM modi but he will contest against Nitish Kumar’s JDU in the state. So he has fielded maximum candidates on seats being contested by JDU. While there is a speculation that this move could have been fuelled by the BJP to diminish Nitish Kumar, the party has warned LJP or any candidate that they will field from using PM Modi’s photo in election campaigns. Some leaders from BJP had rebelled and joined LJP to get ticket. It has also issued a warning to them.
But what is the exact reason for Paswan clan to go separate way from the NDA alliance in the state? #ChiragPaswan #LJP #BJP #JDU #BiharElections

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