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Will angry farmers affect Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s 13 years regime in Madhya Pradesh?

In this current election season, travelling across Madhya Pradesh, the only point of discussion one can hear is complaints from farmers. There are problems with the registration process for Bhavantar where rich farmers are favoured more, private traders lower their prices in the market as they know that the small farmer has no other option but to sell to them. hence making the poor farmers poorer . This is not to say that Bhavantar or government’s work has not benefited the farmers. Things could have been a lot worse without the scheme. Madhya Pradesh has been one of India‚Äôs better performers in agricultural growth under the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government.. the state which has 70% of its population engaged in farming,, and if THIS community’s anger is shown on the ballot.. One can say that Chouhan Mamaji is in big trouble..

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