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Vijay Mallya asks why Modi is not accepting his offer

With his back against the ropes, fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya has offered to pay back 100% of the principal amount he owes to the banks; again. It was late last year when the embattled Mallya had made the offer to pay back the principal amount he owes to banks and appealed to them to please take it, stating that it was a genuine business loss and that he had not fraudulently siphoned off the money. However, this time around he made a direct reference to Prime Minister Modi and asked why the PM was not instructing the banks to recover the money he has offered to pay back.

On Wednesday, in his final address to the Lok Sabha for this term, Narendra Modi made a reference to an unnamed person who ran away with 9,000 crores and that his government is hell bent on bringing such people to justice.

Making a reference to the Prime Minister’s latest speech, Mallya praised him for being an eloquent speaker and went on to say that even though the PM did not specify who the person was that ran away with the 9,000 crores, given the media narrative, it could only be him. Mallya further went on to state via a series of tweets that the offer he has made to settle his debt before the Karnataka High Court cannot be dismissed as frivolous and that it is a sincere and honest one. He also said that he is appalled with media reports claiming that he hid his wealth when he has put approximately 14,000 crores worth of assets openly in front of the court.

With the general election coming so close, one cannot help but wonder whether the Prime Minister’s top priority is to actually recover the money lent by banks or to make a political statement that he can extradite Mallya back to India.


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